Boss & Co Today

Boss & Co continues today in private ownership as it always has since its founding in 1812, as London’s oldest gun company. Today it is owned by Arthur DeMoulas a man with a long-standing knowledge and appreciation for the company, our heritage and guns.

Driven by his passion Arthur was finally able to acquire the company after many years of negotiating, such was his drive and determination to see the company run as he knew it deserved to be.

He understood the importance of private ownership, a fact which has enabled Boss & Co to continue to focus on building “Best Guns Only” and lead the revered ‘holy-trinity’ of London gunmakers, unencumbered by the distractions of diversification, that can arise from being part of a large luxury lifestyle brand conglomerate.

In fact, the first decision that Arthur communicated to the workforce on buying the company was that Boss & Co would continue to make “Best Guns Only” by hand, using traditional methods. Second grade and machine made guns would never be built at the company.

Since then under his leadership, the company has invested in the London workshop, has helped to secure key suppliers and set-up an apprenticeship scheme to train and pass on the skills to a new generation of Boss & Co, London gunmakers.

With full workbenches and an extended team of master craftsman, the next stage of Arthur’s vision was set in motion revitalising the excitement for innovation that was seen at Boss & Co during the late 1800s and early 1900s, when our company led the gun making world with new inventions, design and style.

Work is now underway to re-introduce unique Boss & Co products not seen for over 100 years, providing continuity with the most celebrated periods in our history under the stewardship of our forefathers such as John Robertson and Thomas Boss.

For Arthur, he simply sees himself as a custodian and trustee of the company in the continuum of the storied history of one of the most famous gun companies in the world. His enthusiasm, investment, drive, knowledge and respect for the company and passion will continue to set Boss & Co apart as the gun makers, gun maker and builder of “Best Guns Only”.