In 1909, Boss created the first British over-and-under gun. It was a lightweight, slender shape at a time when other gunmakers were building heavy, bulky iterations. It remains peerless and often copied, regarded as the racehorse of best guns for its elegant lines and curving shapes.

“The Boss over and under was undoubtedly a ground-breaking piece of design and the first to embody the slender elegance and unsurpassed balance associated with best English guns.” Christopher Beaumont – Holts Auctioneers

Almost on its own, it would spark a movement that led to the Over-and-Under gun becoming the firearm of choice, supposedly easier to aim and slightly easier to shoot. With both barrels following the same line, the single aiming plane is claimed to provide an easier line of sight to the target, while the extra weight over a side-by-side is touted by some as a reason why they appear slightly easier to fire. Each shot also recoils almost directly backwards, whereas with a side-by-side each barrel produces a recoil backwards and slightly outwards. Ultimately, it’s the way many shooters enter the sport but many later find themselves yearning for a side-by-side. 

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