The engraving of a Boss & Co has been a feature of our guns since the late 1800s when it was used to soften a bare metal finish.

Boss & Co guns are known for their rose and scroll engraving and this traditional style remains popular today. Launched in 1891 by John James Sumner, the pattern displays five rose bouquets set amongst a framework of scrolls, at a time when other gunmakers engraved only two or three, and became an instantly recognisable element of a Boss & Co gun.

We use the world’s most renowned gun engravers, each admired for their skill, attention to detail and an ability to create incredible artwork. Choosing traditional Boss & Co engraving, or something more personal, is at the owner’s discretion.

Once the engraving process is complete, an owner may specify a coin finish – a high-polish monochrome finish, or colour case hardened – a process which leaves a layer of coloured carbon and creates unique variations of colours and patterns.