The Side-by-Side barrel configuration, which places the barrels horizontally next to each other, is seen by many as the ‘traditional’ set up for a shotgun, and Boss & Co’s side-by-sides are globally renowned for their beauty. Produced with the broadest variety of shapes and sizes in the gunmaking industry, Boss & Co guns have become known as the racehorse of best guns for their sleek and elegant silhouettes.

Without the barrels stacked on top of one another, a side-by-side gun offers an incredibly sleek shape, but wisdom among shooters suggests that the wide plane of shooting makes it difficult to aim a side-by-side. Others, meanwhile, suggest that it’s a more natural configuration – after all, your eyes sit next to each other, rather than on top of each other. 

Regardless of personal preference, the side-by-side has always been an integral part of Boss & Co history, with hundreds built between its founding in 1812 and the modern day. In fact, it wasn’t until the introduction of Boss owner and gunmaker John Robertson’s Over-and-Under in 1909 – the first British over-and-under, and still regarded as the most beautiful – that the over-and-under format truly began to catch on. 

Robertson did not invent the over-and-under shotgun, but he created an over-and-under gun that was elegant, shapely, strong and far lighter than any other on the market. In the century since it was introduced, it has become the most copied over-and-under in the world. 

Boss & Co side-by-side guns are available in the broadest range of configurations in the gunmaking industry, offered in numerous gauges and bodystyles, as well as the ‘1812 Edition’ world-first ambidextrous side-lever.

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