Barrel Maker

Barrel making marks the start of the gun making process at Boss & Co and utilises traditional methods that have been refined continuously since 1812 to provide beyond-a-lifetime reliability.

Our barrels are grounded out by hand using grit soaked in oil, a process that removes approximately one-thousandth of an inch every 20 minutes.

Striking up uses hand files to create the recognisable Boss & Co form and shape – a process carried out entirely by the trained eye of the barrelmaker.

Barrel jointing uses Boss & Co’s own furnaces, heated to 670 degrees Celsius, following our proven methods to provide perfect fit and muzzle convergence.

Gauge, choke and length of barrels is determined based on customers wishes and on the type of shooting they will undertake.

Ribs can be specified in a number of ways, if required. However, most customers order a Boss & Co over and under without a rib – a style that has been synonymous to Boss & Co since 1909 which reduces barrel weight while offering improved speed of handling as well as contributing to the elegant aesthetic for which our guns are internationally renowned.