The finisher regulates and checks every element of a completed gun, ensuring it meets the precise tolerances and exceptional standards expected from Boss & Co.

The trigger pulls are tested to ensure the movement is perfectly weighted. Aesthetics are comprehensively reviewed for finish and symmetry. The fitment of the lock pins checked and the overall look and feel of the gun examined in exacting detail. Everything must function flawlessly and appear seamless to the eye and touch.

A Boss & Co gun is famous for its perfect balance. A finisher will balance the gun on the crosspin, on just one finger, allowing the gun to naturally find the balance point. Every Boss & Co, regardless of gauge or stock measurement, will balance in this way unless otherwise specified.

Every gun and rifle are shot and tested with the barrels in the white, an unfinished state. Once approved, the barrels are blacked, and the oiling process of the stock begins. At Boss & Co, a mix of oils, waxes and driers are used, the exact ingredients a well-guarded secret. Multiple applications give a deep, glossy finish.

Finishing a Boss & Co in this way takes time and patience and it cannot be rushed. This stage marks the end of a handcrafted process, undertaken over many, many months and the gun is now worthy of the Boss & Co name, ready to be presented to its new owner.